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Oh My God Real Life Podcast #22
Mon, 10 Nov 2008 01:45:00 GMT [download/play]

In this 22nd episode of OMG-RL, Jenna and Shawn read through 4 emails:

- Frodo starts the show off with a few questions about school and girls.
- Strategist writes in a again to update us on his status with his family's hatred for his gaming hobby.
- Farspace needs some advice for his daughter who wants to be the next Katie Couric.
- And finally, Mmogdog used to think Shawn was a wanker, but now knows better.

Since the live show didn't happen quite according to plans, we'll try to announce a date for a new one on the next episode. Be sure to look us up on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date with all of our latest podcast-related news. Thanks to everyone who came out for the failed live show! The chatroom feature was fun, anyway!

If you'd like to have your email read on the show, send it along to show at As always, we promise to be obnoxious, unfunny and pronounce every typo verbatim.

The theme songs for OMG-RL are "Real Life Drama" by Rackjaw and "Anywhere but Here" by Behavior.

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Episode 22 Discussion Thread

'Thank you :)' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2008-11-10 22:44:36 CST
Lol, I was cracking up so hard with tears of laughter when you were reading the intro for my E-mail last time Shawn, I'm not sure if I just did that unconsciously to mess with you two, lol.

I absolutely love your entire show, you two are awesome, and thank you so much for your advice for me and the other listeners too, you both rock big time. It is going to help out allot and this is going to be fun learning about Journalism.

I will look foreword to letting everyone know how its going :)

By the way Jenna, the Wii has more then kids stuff you know? Hehehe

Side note: Also I'm thinking "Need For speed Under Cover" seems pretty good, been looking forward to a fun car game for a while.;title;2

BTW, Congratulations to Obama and the U.S. and the world!!!

'Jenna, Jenna, Jenna...' by ScytheNoire
Submitted on 2008-11-11 06:54:52 CST
I don't know how you do it Shawn. You are way too agreeable to be on the show with Jenna. You need someone to stand up to her. She's a bully. :)

Jenna, you are my favorite non-porn lesbian.

Lots of comments about the show.

"Obama voters need to be shot" woman, I would've turned around and said "funny thing, I feel the same way about every one who voted for Bush." At least you'd have justification for that. Cause they should be shot. Bunch of terrorists.

Fallout 3 did not come after Fallout 2. Fallout Tactics came next, which was okay, more of just Scenario's than a full game world. Then game a horrid console game Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, which all Fallout fans deny ever existed. But it was for consoles, so it didn't count.

But Fallout 3 is absolutely awesome. Love it. Finished playing it once, stuck mostly to the main storyline, did it as a bad person. The end battle with Liberty Prime is just hilarious with the comments he makes. "Democracy is non-negotiable" is just too funny. Great game. Started playing it over this time as a female character and going to be good.

Jenna called Wii technology an advancement? I'm sorry, but it's a gimmick. The Wii is crap. I gave mine away to my sisters kids who are pre-teens, so they enjoy it. It's not a gamers console, it's a joke, a toy thing. It sucks.

Jenna, you totally missed the point of Grindhouse, as you said. It was pretty cool. The stunts in the car one were amazing. The entire car movie was damn cool. And the other zombie one was just senseless violent, and mildly entertaining. But the car one was great.

No Country For Old Men wasn't suppose to have a point. It's a story, that's it. Can't a movie just be a story? Does it need to have a moral? The moral is if you come across a bunch of dead bodies in the desert and a lot of money, leave and pretend you never saw it.

We here in Canada, eh, did just have an election before yours. But we didn't get a new Prime Minister, the same jackass got re-elected with another minority. Conservatives suck.

American Dad is a good show and King of the Hill sucks. You are so wrong about those two shows. I was choking to death laughing at the previous weeks episode of American Dad with the kitten who gets hit by the car repeating bit. It was hilarious. You just have no sense of humour if you don't like it. Making fun of Republicans is entertainment.

And the person who's daughter wants to do journalism, definitely have her blog. Print media is dying fast, and online is the future. She may just end up as a professional blogger, as more and more media move away from the corrupt mass media to more specialized media content. Start her up a blog, have her write about things, from movies and TV shows she watched, to books she read. But have her try to do it in a non-biased way, more informative. Although I guess journalism doesn't do that any more, do they?

Great show, but I wish I was there to fight back against Jenna and all her misguided comments. Still love you though Jenna. You're just wrong. :)

Oh, and yes, the rest of the world does care that Obama was elected. You guys were screwing it up for every one else around the world the last eight years. You owe us, big time!

'No country for old men' by Julie
Submitted on 2008-11-11 08:39:18 CST
@ ScytheNoire: " No Country For Old Men wasn't suppose to have a point. It's a story, that's it. Can't a movie just be a story? Does it need to have a moral? The moral is if you come across a bunch of dead bodies in the desert and a lot of money, leave and pretend you never saw it." I haven't seen the movie but now I HAVE to see it.

You bet..dead bodies...desert...lotsa, run, run


'Jenna :|' by BurntSushi
Submitted on 2008-11-13 09:46:53 CST
Is anyone else getting kinda tired of Jenna? For someone that comes from a minority in the US, she sure does have a fairly myopic view.

Why I am writing this is because of the "Obama voters should be shot" portion of the show. First off I voted for Obama, with that being said; People are passionate about politics, period. Just curious how she would of reacted the next day at work if McCain got elected, would she of said something similar or the exact same thing.

To go and rat out an employee about something like that seems sort of childish. Jenna stated that she didn't feel threatened, just mad at what a person said.

I dunno, maybe I am too cynical or just getting tired of her ADHD induced rants and or childish comments on the show.

Anyway let the flames on me commence. Just had to say this.

'Response from Jenna' by Jenna
Submitted on 2008-11-13 18:46:37 CST
I will talk about the movies on the next podcast because you all bring up some great points.

As to Jeremy, or BurntSushi, I have to tell you that it hurts to be flamed so badly by a fellow NJ person.

You talk about me in the third person. I'm right here! :)

I won't defend my actions to you. Obviously, you weren't there and know nothing about the place I work in or the people involved. If you think that I lightly arrived at my decision to take my issue to HR, you're mistaken.

I am not ADHD. The persona on the show may sound that way, but that's not me. And I certainkly hope the comments are childish! That's my aim lots of the time! :)

I just wonder why you would listen to a show that I cohost when you obviously dislike me so much. Stop torturing yourself! :)

'P.S.' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2008-11-13 22:16:14 CST
P.S. I got that one movie Kit Citteirde, it was good, and she thought it was awesome & that it gave her some ideas and how to write for Journalism. Also I do think it will be cool to find her some books like that especially ones about girls and Woman, so we'll be doing that next.

About the laidy, I think 99.99%+ of people who voted for McCain or Obama or just favor one more then the other, are respectful and love each other just fine, the story about the person saying people should be shot was interesting and sad but it hopefuly let's the .01% think about how they feel and act in the future so it is useful.

But really, the rest of us can go on respecting each other and continue to have good time together in life. Right? :)

But then as they say politics can be whatever and can take the main topics of a show and puch them to the side.

Still it was a good story and people should realise and know of course it happens on both sides and most of us are not like that at all.

Great show as always, all of it :)