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Oh My God Real Life Podcast #17
Wed, 2 Jul 2008 04:55:00 GMT [download/play]

In this 17th episode of OMG-RL, Jenna and Shawn are joined by Ryan, from the internets! Ryan is an aspiring podcaster and wanted to join us for a session of email-readin' goodness. I must say, I did very little editing on this episode, and I'd like to know if you (the listener) enjoys the more free-form approach, or is it just too much of a cluster-fudge. Let us know! Also, keep those emails flowing!

This time around, we answer 4 emails:

- Darasimi has some concerns about his fellow classmates, and he wants to know how to win their approval.
- Sara Pickell has some advice for a previous help-seeker, which reminds Jenna of a story.......
- Horatio Gomez wants to know what to do with the ignorant idiots online. Wait, what? They have those online now?
- Nacho (Sai) writes a long email that Jenna, Ryan and I break into small pieces, of which you will probably completely forget what the point of the story is. So listen carefully!

If you'd like us to read your email on the show, send it along to show at omg-rl dot com.

The theme song for OMG-RL is "Real Life Drama" by Rackjaw.

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Episode 17 Discussion Thread

'Interesting.. ' by Luper
Submitted on 2008-07-02 03:02:07 CST
You got me laughing in a few parts, and Jenna really needs to add a song to the episode to tag along with her shirts. So you could buy a CD or tape with the shirt. ^_^ ha

Anyways, kids are mean. It's the truth. When I was younger, (not like I'm old but..)I had a hard time making friends as well. Being the quiet kid does make people wonder about you. Not only are you mysterious, but you are open for many rumors. =/ Kids like drama, or so it seems.

My last year of high school (my Junior year), I decided to just let go. I ended up talking to a few of the students and I learned that they thought I was a totally different person then I was. I guess people think that the "smart" kids just go home and read books all day. You guys made a great point.. someone told me that because I didnt talk much they thought I thought I was better then them. It's really shocking how the human mind works.

My advice is just to be yourself. If people don't like you for who you are, then they aren't worth your time. I have scoliosis and it's not something to laugh about. Kids are ignorant; sometimes, by choice. Other times, they just need a helpful hand to help them learn. If they make fun of you because you have scoliosis, tell them the facts about it and how it's really not something to be joking around about, especially because some day they might have it or someone they love might.

Continued.. =P

'yes there is more.. ' by Luper
Submitted on 2008-07-02 03:02:27 CST
Sara Pickell's email sparked some interesting memories for me, but I'm not going to share them all. =P Anywho, one of my best friends is a lesbian. You gave some really sound advice Sara and I hope that your "friend" truly takes it to heart. People are cruel in this world and sometimes, they just aren't open to change. Loving someone is something you can't really be picky and choosy about. Sure, you can have this "idea" of what you want in a person, but when it all comes down to it... when you find that person you love.. it gets your heart racing, you cant sleep or eat.. and yes, yes there are fireworks! I say love and be loved because no one likes a hater. haha..

Kids online and counterstrike- where do you even start? It's a game. People like FPS's and name calling happens a lot more in these games (that I've noticed) than RPGs and such. If you love the game, they play it and don't talk to the people. If you can't enjoy the game with those people and the way they talk, remove yourself from the issue. Fairly simple.. maybe not so fair on your part. =P

As far as guilds falling apart, that happens. If you want the guild or outfit to live on, you have to work at it! I think I experienced this mostly in Planet Side. We had leaders rise and fall as our outfit leader, yet we lived on. Now the outfit isn't as great as it once was, but it still lives. Upholding the outfit's standards is important too, but sometimes the rules get changed and the outfit you once knew is totally different. It's interesting how time changes the world. Also, take note that running a guild or outfit is hard work.

Great topics this week! =)

~Luper (voyages of vanguard)

'just a little comment' by 007deadlysins
Submitted on 2008-07-05 13:40:11 CST
Another great show, like always you had me laughing out loud and my coworkers looking at my crazily (well more than usual). Nice impressions, Ryan.

For some reason I feel my post does not compare with the grandness of Luper's two but I am secure with my post size. Later guys, keep up the good work.

'Slightly disgruntled listener :(' by szteto
Submitted on 2008-07-12 22:18:42 CST
welllllll... let me start out by saying I am one of the ppl who was "advised" on episode 10. Since then, I have sent several e-mails regarding, several different topics, one, a response to my first email, two, to ask why the second was not read, and I can't remember what the third (well, fourth) was about. By no means does this mean I will stop listening to the show, I just want to know why my e-mails have not at very least been replied to. srry if I posted this in the wrong area, but I didn't know where else to post it.


'cont'd ' by szteto
Submitted on 2008-07-13 21:47:16 CST
srry, I forgot, to mention that I was Marlo from episode 10 :P

'Sorry' by Shawn
Submitted on 2008-07-14 10:28:55 CST
Sorry man. I'm not going to read an email asking why other emails weren't read. Plus, in general we try to stay away from reading emails where people give their own advice for others. Of course we've strayed from this a bit when some of them are good (like in Sara Pickell's case) but this is just a general thing. I don't want to spend multiple shows talking about the exact same problem from the exact same person every single time, when there's a backlog of other emails waiting to be read. You're far from the only person whose email we haven't read :) And it's certainly nothing personal.