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Oh My God Real Life Podcast #15
Wed, 14 May 2008 02:35:00 GMT [download/play]

The 15th episode of Oh My God Real Life is upon us, and in it we give you your tri-weekly dose of advice from a couple of people who need help themselves!

- Jared gives us a bit of an update on his last situation, and asks a few new questions regarding his step-mom situation
- Darth Karnus gives us HIS tips on getting a Guild Wars girlfriend.
- Lulu is worried that making fun of people constantly might make him seem arrogant. Wait, we do that too.
- Austin wonders if 9 inches is a problem. Yeah, you know what I mean.
- Laird Hex is concerned with the state of forum trolls these days. Will they ever stop being complete tools?

If you seek advice on a problem, concern, or just want to let Jenna know what this Virgin-something website is actually called, send us an email at show at omg-rl dot com.

The theme song is "Real Life Drama" by the lovely Rackjaw.

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Episode 15 Discussion Thread

'Boys.. pshh' by Luper
Submitted on 2008-05-15 08:30:00 CST
I've commented previously on the divorce situation. I hope he read that. If he really wants to move in with his mother, he should just go for it. Parents can reopen custody cases, and as long as the father doesn't put up a huge fight, the mother should get custody with a bit of money. If she really wants him to move in with her, she'll make it happen. I think I expressed a bit of my situation in my Episode 13 post. My mom wanted me to move with her just as badly as I wanted out of my father's house. I just planned a vacation to see my mom, and didn't come back. My mother reopened the case, and I was free to live with her. Jenna is right though. There is probably more to the story then he's telling. I know there was a ton to my story, but I hate looking back on all of that. It's a sad part of my life.

It seems that a lot of guys send you messages about how to get a girlfriend!? Why? As a girl, I guess I was always wondering about the opposite sex, but I also had respect for myself. People in general (and yes that includes you gentlemen) shouldn't try too hard to attract someone else, even if you think you're deeply in love with them. I guess that has kind of been said before, but really it's the truth! Most people want to be with someone who enjoys the same things that they do. I know I'd hate to be with someone who didn't let me game. I love the fact that my boyfriend and I can game for hours together, and hardly ever fight. ^_^

~Luper the Dragonslayer (Voyages of Vanguard Co-Host

'continued ' by Luper
Submitted on 2008-05-15 08:30:21 CST
Really, my best advice and I think Shawn tried to express this (Shawn needs to shower btw.. you cant be that much like yourself =P Cleanliness is a totally different thing!! Put away that bottle for peeing in too! /bonk), is that everyone should always be themselves. We shouldn't have to try to be someone else, or stop doing what we love and have passion for just because of a girl or boy! In my opinion, we'd just be letting them down and ourselves down in the end. What if they find out later that you were just doing those things because they liked it? What if you found out they were a totally different person 10 years down the road, and you both became completely unattracted to each other? Sounds pretty sucky to me. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Straying from your dreams and ambitions because of someone else always leads to false escapades of emotion.

Relationships happen, and flower. You can't expect to just flop into someones life running with your arms flapping in the air, screaming, "I love you", and forcing yourself into closed doors! Slowly things happen, and usually, you end up falling in love with the person you always thought was just a good friend, someone to lean on.

But... people are also like flowers in the sense that our petals slowly fall. Sometimes, we let ourselves get so frail and unattended to that we allow ourselves to become fully naked and just bud in the wind, with nothing left to give. Then we turtle up and it's hard to let someone in.

Wow.. what a rant. I'm just saying people have experienced many walks of life. If you want to get to know someone, it's best to take it slow. A true relationship comes with a foundation. Ice cream after school, studying with your best friend for that final in Religion that you dread, or just talking in the hallway in between classes.

Well, I should stop before I go any further! *yikes*

~Luper the Dragonslayer (Voyages of Vanguard Co-Host

'HARD!' by Akely
Submitted on 2008-05-17 06:54:04 CST
I did not comment at all the last show Jareds problem surfaced in. I was really upset about the whole thing and I seriously doubted if this show was a smart thing after all. Then it dawned on me that without this show Jared would have NOWHERE to turn to. Jareds situation is really scary and I feel the problem is way more serious than I should be allowed to handle. That goes a little for Jenna & Shawn too. But since Jared writes again I see no other way and I guess staying silent won't do much good.

I think the advice to NOT speak to his father regarding his step mom threatening to hurt im is wrong. Any father would pounce on that instantly. At least over here it is illegal to hurt people - including children. Threating to do so is also illegal. And as a dad I would kick any woman out that threatened my son. Wife or not. But Jared: You probably know/feel how your dad would act if you told him. If you doubt he would believe you and/or act you should NOT tell him. But if that's the case you must resolve the situation regarding your mom. Being and feeling SAFE is very important when growing up. When grown up too, I guess.

You really need to speak to someone who can help you with this. Someone who is professional and are not allowed to tell anyone anything. Someone who knows the ins and outs of custody stuff and can advise you on what to do.

One thing you must realize Jared is that all the advice you get is based on what you tell us. And you are not telling us everything. THis is not an accusation. No-one EVER tells everything. Further more we do not know your dads and step-moms side of the story. Yes, there are sides od the story. That's because they interpret stuff differently from you. Keep that in mind.

I'll stop now before I contract Lupers Syndrome... ;-)

'Luper Syndrome- LOVE IT! haha' by Luper
Submitted on 2008-05-17 07:51:05 CST
Akely made such a good point! If you can not talk to your father, there are other people to talk to about this! Oh my goodness, I didn't tell you the whole story of what happened to me, but basically, I couldn't talk to my father either. He's just not a good dad. In fact, I haven't talked to him in a long long LONG time. Instead of talking to my father, I talked to my guidance counsellor at school. I had talked to her before about a few other things because she always pulled me in her office. I was my brother's mom.. for awhile, but that's a whole nother story.

Anywho, I talked to her and she actually made up this whole scheme of my brother and I booking it after I got my driver's liscense. Really, you need to talk to someone. I didn't even take her advice until I really thought about it- for about three months I thought about it. It's hard.. my father made me feel guilty every time I wanted out. He made me feel like it was my obligation to live with him and help him, but it wasnt! I was just a child. No eight year old should ever have to mother her brother, and work to help pay the bills.. etc. I needed someone to atleast talk to about my situation. I couldn't believe it took me as long as it did.

Ah.. I'm leaving out a lot of things. My life has been something of another realm. I don't like looking back on it, but in this case, I think it may truly help someone. I hope Jared reads my comments. If not, I hope I can use some kind of mind powers to get this information to him.


~Luper the Dragonslayer (Voyages of Vanguard Co-Host)

'Read and confused.' by Jared
Submitted on 2008-05-17 20:40:07 CST
Well i agree with you, there is alot i am leaving out alot, but the main reason is when im typing the e-mails i don't feel like i have alot of privacy. The spot the computer is in is not were i can type everything. When it's nighttime my step-bro is in the living room watching tv so cant do it then.

I would and have thought about talking to my guidance consellor, but our school guidance consellor basicall, sucks. She's never at school when she is it isn't being a guidance consellor its being a family thing. She talks to her family at school all day.

My dad always gets on defensive when i try to talk about something as simple as being hungry or telling him my finger hurts.

Me and my mom have both talked about opening a custody case, but seeing as how my brother thinks i should stay here ( which is really none of his business) if my mom did it would probably make him mad and tear the fold even more.

I really don't want to visit a shrink. And for that matter my dad said he wouldn't pay for a therapist anytime.

This summer i think i am going and not coming back.

Thanks Luper, Akley Shawn, and Jenna for all you advice and concerns.

'Great comments!' by Shawn
Submitted on 2008-05-19 11:17:23 CST
One of the things we've said time and time again, is that we are not therapists. We're here to listen and to talk to if you have no one else, and I think it's working quite well. For Jared, this is a much more serious issue than most of our emails about how to get chicks, so we told him he needs to seek professional counseling.

His follow-up email shows 2 things: #1 he does still need to talk to someone else besides the people directly involved, and #2 it does help a little, even in a situation like this, to just talk about it to strangers and get it out. Jared, seriously, even if it's not a paid therapist which no one in their right mind could seriously afford, there are plenty of free counseling services. We're not trying to say you're crazy or you need serious mental help or anything like that, but we're saying that EVERYONE needs help, and in a situation like yours, especially.

We make light of many situations, but we also know when something is just too serious and out of our scope, and we make sure to relay that. As you can see from these other comments here, people care and I think thats the greatest thing about this show, even if Jenna and I make jokes about things much too often.