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Oh My God Real Life Podcast #12
Sun, 23 Mar 2008 23:23:00 GMT [download/play]

In this 12th episode of Oh My God Real Life, Jenna and I solve the dilemmas of 5 listeners:

- AC wants to know where all the hot gamer chicks are hiding. Hey, so do we!
- Anon has several questions for us, including one that makes us all serious... for a second.
- Minnie is a 14 yr old girl who gets our sex jokes. Should we be scared?
- Anon #2 wants to know when he'll stop being "The Anti-Social One". The answer? Never.
- And finally, EMH wants to know some inside secrets on creating and keeping a good guild.

 If you'd like to contact us about a problem or need some simple off-the-wall advice from a couple of old, bitter gamers, shoot an email on over to show at omg-rl dot com.

 The theme song for OMGRL is "Real Life Drama" by Rackjaw.

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Episode 12 Discussion Thread

'To AC:' by Beauturkey
Submitted on 2008-03-24 10:03:14 CST
Man, there are girls out there that *gasp* game. A LOT. Keep looking. Ask around. Go to game shops, or comic shops. Comic cons.
Girls are out there, but if you are looking for "hot", at least make sure that you are "hot" as well, instead of some chubby gamer dood. Just a finer point.
I'm married to the cutest and coolest gamer chick EVER. :)

'Gratz!' by Mashuguna
Submitted on 2008-03-25 11:58:18 CST
Congratz Shawn on the Massively gig!

'Chicks?' by Akely
Submitted on 2008-03-26 04:26:33 CST
Frankly the idea of meating a "hot chick" over the net is a bit dumb. The idea, not the person having it. Just thinking about girls/women like "hot chicks" sort of smacks of "I'm horny" more than I'd like to be in a relationship. And if "horny" is the way it is then pubs/streets/discos/restaurants/school/whatever is probably better hunting grounds than the frigging Net! Except for Jenna, it seems. ;-)

And in regard to Hotness I must state that once you meat someone you love that person looks hot. Myself have no idea if my wife really is hot. She is to me, and other has told me so... But love messes up your brain so who knows?

Never compromise on what you want or do not want. Doing what you want is the only law. And another thing: play on the fact that you DON'T drink/smoke pot. Make something out of it. Be the guy that is different. Why? Women dig different. You'll be all mysterious and stuff.

Thanks for a fun show. Rated M, for Muhahahahaaa!

'Tongue and Cheek' by waya3k
Submitted on 2008-03-29 22:01:27 CST
I'll have to admit that I was being a bit tongue and cheek about my question in regards to finding hot chicks in online games. After my divorce I haven't had much luck in the dating scene so i have pretty much given up looking. Then I came here to Afghanistan. A lot of my friends say "Now that you have stopped looking you are going to find her." My usually answer to that is that's BS.

Anyways, meant to post earlier but I have been getting ready for my two week backpack accross Europe vacation in which I won't be near a computer. Not even sure if I am going to take my PSP. Just wish I had taken this vacation about 15 years earlier.


p.s. For myself, hotness is more then just looks. It also has to deal with personality. Humor being a big part of my life. While I'll admit I'm not close to being Mr. GQ...I'm not looking for Ms. Vogue either...but it would be nice. *grin* Still trying to get a date with one of the Frag Dolls.

'im brittish...' by hexdsl
Submitted on 2008-04-02 20:54:39 CST
hi guys couldn't help picking up the comments where you pointed out that not all the teens in the UK are heavy drinkers.

Well i live in the UK, I'm a 27 year old gug (grown-up-gamer) and in my opinion all the teens i know are really heavy drinkers, you have to remember the legal drinking age is 18 over here. and lots of 16 year olds look 18. so they get hold of LOTS of cheep cider. We call them Chav's don't know if that means anything to you though!

To the dude that said he felt like a social outcast for not drinking... i understand that, remember YOUR the one thats being sensible NOT them. when i was in my teens mu friends was heavy drinkers, i wasn't and i don't know if things have changed but it was no big deal to them back then.

anyway great show. not sure if this comment is particularly relevent, but thought i would post my thoughts.

with love Laird Hex (or David for short)