Your ideal game system
Feb 08, 2008 16:29:11

Ever wondered if you're playing games on the right platform?
Use this extensive guide to find your perfect match.

Submitted by Brent on Feb 08, 2008 16:29:11 CST (comments: 8)


'Perfect.' by Beauturkey
Submitted on 2008-02-08 23:55:10 CST
This is awesome.
I love when people say that PC's are going away.

'Hmmm....' by Isanox
Submitted on 2008-02-11 16:18:34 CST
I have 2 pc's, a wii, a 360 and I will probably be getting a PS3. So what does that mean?

Oh wait.... it means I am married with children.
Video games are cheaper than crack, and better for you than alcohol.

'Nice.' by Cameron
Submitted on 2008-02-11 17:15:34 CST
Classy. I have to /agree with you there.

'I'm calling BS.' by Gio
Submitted on 2008-02-13 10:48:23 CST
While it is funny I also think its complete bull. I think the console game sales compared to pc games sales pretty much show that. Don't get me wrong I play my pc much more and enjoy it much more but to infer that console games are not video you're just wrong. Sounds like someone finally needs to buy that 360 and play Mass Effect.

'LOL' by killertim
Submitted on 2008-02-13 11:00:24 CST
"Real friends or Internet friends?"

I'm sorry that just made me laugh out loud.

@Gio bull sh** is funnier than real sh**

'@ Gio' by Brent
Submitted on 2008-02-13 11:04:28 CST
I'm not sure how the concept of game sales figures got wrapped into a funny diagram that someone made...

(Note, I didn't make this image - I simply lol'd at it)

'Cranky!' by Gio
Submitted on 2008-02-13 15:19:34 CST
Yes it was funny, but being half asleep and a bit pissy I guess I just took the post as something serious. I need to start those b12 shots earlier in the day I guess.

'He doth protest too much.' by mshea
Submitted on 2008-04-28 18:10:51 CST
Such defensiveness towards the clearly growing trend to consoles. I guess some of us are tired of two-hour installations, $1200 minimum system prices, yearly video card upgrades, and games that simply don't work.

Sorry for the flow

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