'Done good sir...' by darrenl
Submitted on 2007-05-07 09:14:53 CST

'I kinda disagree' by Shouryuu
Submitted on 2007-05-07 13:12:59 CST
I haven't listened to the podcast yet, but I kind of disagree with what you (Darren) said about innovation. While I do see your point, you need solid foundations on which you can build your innovation before even thinking of innovating, there is a problem with your logic; you don't ask yourself if these foundations are the right ones.

To speak through a cooking metaphor; to me, MMORPGs today are using the wrong ingredients, in the wrong quantities. To some extent, what you suggest they do, is somehow find a way to use the righ quantity of wrong ingredients. But the more they work on getting the right quantity of wrong ingredients, the more they'll think they're getting the right quantity of right ingredients.

What I'm trying to get to, is that the more you ask for polish, the more you'll get it, and the less the industry is going to risk innovating because that might mean less polish. So we run the risk of playing WoW clone after WoW clone after WoW clone...

Sorry if I didn't make much sens of misunderstood you, I'm passing exams and kinda tired.

'OK...' by darrenl
Submitted on 2007-05-07 13:21:18 CST
I don't think that asking for quality products, or "polish" from MMO developers will discourage innovation. I honestly think that they have quality process issues that need to be worked out. Once effort is spent on nailing down a "repeatable" swing quality wise, you'll be surprised on how much time left you have in the design phase of a project for innovation.

Are they using the right ingredients? Don't know. I don't think that was the point of my article...nor do I think I addressed on whether the current mechanics are right. You may be right...maybe they do have the current MMO implementation all wrong and that's part of the problem. Who knows.


'What were innovations?' by Wilhelm2451
Submitted on 2007-05-07 15:56:21 CST
What innovations of the past might be a parallel to those we might expect to see in MMOs?

An example: First there was turn based strategy games. Then somebody made such a game that ran in real time, without turns, thus a new genre was born.

So is it possible that MMOs simply are what they are and that anything that is truly innovation will, in the end, spawn a new, separate, and distinct genre?

'Pictures...?' by Dathmar
Submitted on 2007-05-10 10:58:26 CST
The title pictures you have used for the last few podcasts - what games are they from ? - just was interested.
From say Podcast #63

'pictures from...' by Brent
Submitted on 2007-05-10 11:25:53 CST
63 - Voyage Century.
65 - CoH/CoV (I think)
66 - Anarchy Online
67 - LotRO

'CoX pic' by Sente
Submitted on 2007-05-10 13:07:54 CST
Yes, the #65 picture looks like one of the pictures showing one of the new wing custome piece options that was made available through Issue 9.

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