Tagged by Cuppy.
Apr 20, 2007 13:23:13

Argh! Blog tagged for 5 reasons that I blog. Shame on Cuppycake for doing this to me.

5 Reasons that I blog. (This is harder that I thought it would be.)

1. To find 'my people'. MMOs may be very popular these days but the number of real gamers in the immediate vicinity is often low, and even if they are nearby, they tend to try to keep their nerd on the inside. Ships passing in the night and all that. Blogging puts us all in touch.

2. I enjoy tinkering. I don't use blogspot or wordpress or anything of that sort, which means my blog is one big tinkering festival. It doesn't conform to some blog standards, but I've done the work to hide that as much as I believe it reasonable, and let me tell you - there's nothing reasonable about RSS specifications. I do not recommend coding your own RSS feed. It is annoying.

3. I have things to say about games and no one to say them to. This whole 'blog thing' takes care of that.

4. I used to write on forums and in email about games - a lot. All of that writing and the related thoughts are lost now. Blog posts are forever, or at least they're forever until I delete the database.

5. Because I get to tag people such as:
  • Ethic
  • Heartless
  • Brenlo
  • Loral
  • Van Hemlock

  • Submitted by Brent on Apr 20, 2007 13:23:13 CST (comments: 2)


    'I replied here...' by Ethic
    Submitted on 2007-04-20 13:58:50 CST

    '*nods*' by Leonai
    Submitted on 2007-04-26 17:34:55 CST
    "...I do not recommend coding your own RSS feed. It is annoying..."

    No doubt. 1 little freakin' mistake and it's out of the water and the redundancy to cover all areas... GAHH!

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