SOE hires an IGE man
Apr 12, 2007 16:34:48

Key points:

- Hiring this guy might be a great business decision (only Smed knows for sure) but it is a PR-powder-keg in a match factory. Bad move.

- Take note: SOE hired him to develop global business, not to enhance Station Exchange or develop RMT schemes.

- Heartless doesn't want to pay for anything. This notion that everything has to be free or free of any commerce features is way out of hand. Why not walk into the nearest burger joint and start demanding free food while you're at it? And be sure to rant at the wait staff when they try to up sell you from the chips to the fries. $1.25 for an endless soft drink!!? Are you mad!?!

- I'm not expanding on these points any further because Cuppy already said exactly what I would say.

Submitted by Brent on Apr 12, 2007 16:34:48 CST (comments: 9)


'blah...' by Heartless
Submitted on 2007-04-12 19:27:47 CST
I typed up a big long reply and since I took so long the site logged me out and ate the post. Oh well.

Real fast rundown.

Does anyone actually believe this has nothing to do with the fact this guy worked for IGE and is bringing intimate knowledge of the global RMT market for SOE to try and exploit?

This stinks of garbage... and does anyone actually believe the extra money SOE earns will be put to a good use?

'You know what they say.' by Azzurri
Submitted on 2007-04-12 20:02:21 CST
If you can't beat them, hire them.

'Nothing personal Heartless...' by Cuppycake
Submitted on 2007-04-12 23:56:18 CST
"Does anyone actually believe this has nothing to do with the fact this guy is..bringing intimate knowledge of the global RMT market for SOE to try and exploit?"

Tinfoil hat much? I'd say more than ever - its a good thing to have an expert on RMT in your MMO company. Hell, compare it to a Fraud team in any commerce company. RMT may be a 'bad thing' in your eyes, but isn't it something thats necessary for the company to be well versed in? What better way than to hire someone from IGE?

If I were the person in charge of hiring quality executives for my company - you better believe I'm going to look at my competitors and hire someone who has proven success in the industry. Regardless what element of the industry that may be - he knows how to generate revenue which is the purpose of a VP of Business.

'Big red button' by Dathmar
Submitted on 2007-04-13 07:13:21 CST
Personally I think someone at SOE has just lifted the black and yellow stripped cover to the big red button marked
The station access increase was bad PR - this just adds to it, I think.

'Oh for the love of...' by darrenl
Submitted on 2007-04-13 07:49:31 CST
...gawd, pick a saint.

Look, Dath Heartless, you guys really need to sit back and watch what happens on this one. Pulling out the ol "we're all doomed" cry and then diving to cover your wallet is not exactly the most logical and rational means of discourse to a non-event.

None of us really KNOW how this will impact SOE because, a) none of us work there, and b) none of us have the executive business sense to do so.

Granted, it is an "odd" choice and for now, until I actually see the sky fall, I'm going to leave it in that category. oh man....

'business sense' by Sente
Submitted on 2007-04-13 10:03:54 CST
I think it is pretty much a non-issue. The guy is experienced in the MMO market place, he most likely have good connections in markets outside America, he has experience with RMT business.
Sounds like an excellent choice to help expand business beyond SOEs traditional home market.

I think it is only natural for MMO companies to look at different business models for running their games and see what works in different markets and with different target groups.

I certainly don't like all the games that SOE publishes and I do not like all the games that NCSoft publishes. But I do like that they are trying to attract different groups and markets and finding new ways and options to handle the business that is MMO games. The market would be a bit more boring if everyone was just one game companies like Blizzard.

'i'd like to thank IGE' by Burro
Submitted on 2007-04-13 13:32:18 CST
for selling me a lvl 60 dwarf priest for only $210 and having me up and playing it the next morning.

'Cash' by scytale2
Submitted on 2007-04-14 05:05:39 CST
$210 could feed several African families for a year - money well spent?

Apologies for comment, but can I ask, where is Part 2 of the goldfarming podcast? Did I miss it?

This SOE thread is boring anyway, so let's liven it up!

'It was a bit of a joke ?' by Dathmar
Submitted on 2007-04-16 13:48:44 CST
I was actually joking about the self destruct thing but SOE do rely on the community "feeling" a lot ( well I think they do) - this is something that probably won't go down that well with the SOE community....not that it will drive people away - but its news in the wrong direction.
I just think its a pretty bad PR move to employee any VP from a gold farming company when you publish games that are strongly against the practise( not just SOE written games) matter how good you think the VP might be.

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