'Great to hear some evolution!' by scytale2
Submitted on 2007-03-19 06:19:07 CST
Really good stuff from Stargate Worlds, taking a leaf out of the Puzzle Pirates book, to produce skilful mini-games - a great way fior people to invest time in while they are unable to team for some reason. Cheaper to programme too!

Lego has been the inspiration for engineers since its inception many years ago. With the massive shortage of engineers worldwide, global governments should be supporting this type of project to reach out to train kids alll over the globe in something worthwhile. Seems strange to me that NetDevil are focusing more on the protection of children from outside influences, than the exposure of children to the same, which would broaden their horizons....

'Stargate Worlds level progression' by tdous
Submitted on 2007-03-19 06:24:44 CST
Interesting approach they're taking with a shorter "to level cap" progression, emphasis on seperate storylines and content. I wonder, though, if that will be a popular approach. It doesn't suggest much use for a high level character until the next expansion is released. Some people obviously enjoy the storylines of these games - I know I try to read quest/mission text - I like to try to feel immersed - but I wonder what proportion of players, on average, actually play for that reason and how many do your standard rush to end game. It could change of course but here it doesn't sound like there is an end game as such; you stop playing the character you've put your time and effort into and roll another to experience this new storyline.

I'm not yet convinced people will go for dropping, albeit until the game expands, their characters like that. It sounds like they might have little to do with these toons but the same few things over and over again before getting sick, whining on the forums and leaving. However it could work if they expand, perhaps in small content patches on a regular basis - talking of episodic content as so many people are at the moment, this sort of this could be truly episodic, not Half Life 2 "use the word episode = episodic" - and also they might be so early on and giving away so little about an end game that I'm way off the mark. Also, SG has a big established fanbase that might just come and play for story, perhaps even more people than your usual MMO playing crowd that jump from game to game. Perhaps even WoW numbers.

Thanks for the content, even on your week off ;)

'Progression' by darrenl
Submitted on 2007-03-19 08:53:11 CST
Its going to interesting to see how they break the leveling mold. I'm a bit skeptic at this point, probably because leveling is a solid MMO standard right now...but hey, lets hope it works.

Great to hear you took a week off deserved it for your work at GDC. Thanks.

'Congrats!' by Akely
Submitted on 2007-03-19 08:59:17 CST
Congrats on the podcast birthday. Here's a Malt toast hoping for many more.

Good to hear you're playing too! Got to keep the love of the game in there, otherwiize you'll end up a journalist. . . /shudder

'Xbox Answer At Last' by Wilhelm2451
Submitted on 2007-03-20 00:01:31 CST
I am glad to hear the answer to the Auto Assault on Xbox question at last. It made so much sense when I heard it the first time, I am happy to hear that the devs feel the same way. Now if only NCSoft would catch a clue....

'Thanks!' by pocosong
Submitted on 2007-03-21 18:02:06 CST
Thanks for the great interview about Stargate Worlds. It is very much appreciated!

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