Carnival of Gamers #22 - March 2007
Mar 03, 2007 20:57:41

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Carnival of Gamers Academy Awards show hosted by none other than the prognosticator of prognosticators here at VirginWorlds. You might remember the embarrassing alley-way awards gathering we had last year. It wasn't fancy, but it got the job done. A year has gone by and the Carnival of Gamers is going strong, so strongly in fact that we were able to talk the Academy into letting us use the Kodak Theatre once the film festivities were over. Aside from being stuck with me as a host, we're kicking it in style this year. Sure we only filled up the first row of seats, but I'm glad you all came out to see the show. I'll now dispense with the idle chatter and get on with our first category.

In the Freeware Adventure Blogging category we have a heartfelt interview-style documentary with an up-and-coming female game designer, Deirdra Kiai. The story is presented in a series of candid questions posed by director and voice-over talent, Joy at

Next, in the Rental Review category we have an emotional tale of woe and despair as Jigsaw hc presents a harrowing firsthand account of Fuzion Frenzy 2. Just when you think things can't get worse for our hero, they do. Though not an uplifting story, it is one that will stick with you for years to come.

In the Social Networking category Marek from gameslol does some undercover work on a growing business model that attempts to bring the game industry and a MySpace social network to bear on our collective conscious. Will gamers accept this call to action or will they run screaming for the hills? View Marek's wonderful work and decide for yourself.

Ebay. The Wii. Hate. These three topics have been on the minds of gamers plenty over the past few months. In this short form editorial work, A Struggling Student shines a spotlight of truth and wisdom on the facts surrounding the heated debate. Should Wii-selling-Ebayers be shot or do they simply need our pity? These questions and many more are answered within.

PeterB is a man on a mission. This year he's created his magnum opus, a three part series on 4X gaming (Explore, Expand, Exploit and Exterminate) which is sure to go down in history as the definitive work on the subject. This massive undertaking has shot his production company, Tea Leaves, into the stratosphere and there's no sign of its return to earth. Congrats to PeterB on the nomination.

Van Hemlock has crafted an analysis and documented it in striking detail. It is something we've all seen many time. The dreaded exit interview. His clever insight continues to astound the Academy at every turn. Will this blogger ever misstep? We doubt it.

Famed blogger and philosopher, Corvus from Man Bytes Blog, has emerged from his lab where he has been performing deep studies into the facts behind PvP. In his new offering, Player vs. Player vs. Environment, he digs deep and exposes the truth that we all fear. His work leaves the bodies of many toons littered on the road behind him, but it is all for the good of the art.

In a lovingly crafted piece entitled 'Console Indie: An Interview With Steve Taylor of NinjaBee', the Rampant Coyote spends three months hiding in the back pocket of Steve Taylor in order to get an inside look at the dangerous territory traversed by independent developers building games for our modern gaming consoles. The result of the research is sure to scare you half to death, but hidden within the terrifying tale is a story about people, games, and a little basement office in Pleasant Grove, UT.

This year we have a very special lifetime achievement award for the buttonmasher himself. He founded this Carnival and he has worked diligently on it since its inception, but that doesn't mean he's resting on his past accomplishments. This year Tony digs deep within the depths of iTunes, the web, and his MP3 player to bring us a Top 11 (yes, it does go to 11, sorry) list of the best gaming podcasts out there. I'm more than a little flattered to have made the top 5. Whee.

This year, the unstoppable force that is Zonk once again displays his incredible reach as he tackles two disparate topics with the intelligence and grace he is known for. First, on MMOGNation he explores the concept of Meta Characters in incredible depth. His research and perspective on the topics brings more to the table than those who have gone before him, and his final product enlightens us all. Unimpressed with his own accomplishment, he moved quickly on to tackle the world of virtual property sales. In this industry-shaking article he cuts to the bone of the issues surrounding Ebay, SOE Station Exchange and the secondary virtual goods market itself.

In the RTS analysis category, Troy at Flash of Steel examines the design elements of some of our favorite divide-and-conquer games. Tough topics like autoresolve, tactical combat and quick combat are analyzed. He leaves some questions unanswered, closing his tale with an ambiguous sensation that leaves one wanting more and questioning our own gaming preferences.

Finally, no Carnival would be complete without an entry on World of Warcraft. This presentation comes from a god among the MMOG blogging community. He is a pillar of quality, persistence and scathing commentary. This is none other than the Unbeliever at MMODIG. In this masterpiece he takes a shot at all the WoW-wannabes currently smothering our virtual landscapes with half-baked WoW-babies of the most undesirable kind. Facts pile upon facts as he presents his case in an orderly but overwhelming way that will leave the weak curled up on the floor of their bathroom, sobbing for it all to stop.

And there you have it, the 2007 Blog Carnival Academy Awards festival. Thanks to the Academy for letting us use the lovely venue, and we'll see you all again next year... or at the after party.

Be sure to visit the Carnival of Gamers HQ for info on Carnivals past, present and future.

Submitted by Brent on Mar 03, 2007 20:57:41 CST (comments: 1)


'Jrrrrr' by unbeliever
Submitted on 2007-03-04 07:58:31 CST
sarcasm becomes you, ha.

thanks for the coffee out of the nose moment on my "description".


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