Prognosticated 2007 Massively Muliplayer Awards
Dec 12, 2006 15:09:41

In the past week we took a look at much of what transpired in the MMORPG world this past year. Clearly 2006 was a slow year for our favorite style of game. Will 2007 offer us more? VirginWorlds is optimistic and in celebration of that optimism let us all take a look at the future game releases and prognosticate their future award winning status.

Most Promising MMOG title:
  • Vanguard - High tech and high adventure that appeals to your longing for corpse runs.
  • Age of Conan - I can't wait to see my enemies driven before me, not to mention the lamentations of the women.
  • Warhammer Online - Smash, bash and chuckle your way to bloody victory.
  • Darkfall - Free form PvP for thick skinned gamers.
  • Spellborn - Fresh approaches to art, lore and gameplay will lure even the most jaded gamer.
  • Star Trek Online - You'll have to wait at least another year or two before you get beamed down to the planet of hot green skinned women sporting beehive hairdos.
  • Lord of the Rings Online - Finally, you can walk Middle Earth and be a part of the epic adventure.
  • Gods and Heroes - Massively multi-minion battles backed by well known mythology.

  • 2006 Winner: Vangaurd... yeah, I know, but can it repeat?

    Most Promising totally-Indy MMOG title:
  • Ruin Online (Broke Ass Games) - An ecletic MMO pieced together by a comical team of garage programmers.
  • Dusktreaders (Granite Games) - Your first vampire/werewolf MMO. Look for innovation and dark themes in this title.
  • Atriarch (World Fusion) - Announced in 1999. Easy to dismiss as dead in the water, but this team has stamina.
  • FreeWorld: Apocalypse Portal (Net Charger & MindSurge) - It's on hold! It's off hold! It's on hold again. Still, many people are excited about this one.

  • 2006 Winner: A Tale in the Desert III

    Best MMOG Graphics of 2007:
  • Vanguard - Super realistic video card destroyer. Your PC will cower and weep.
  • Aion - The next generation of Korean MMOG graphics. Expect blinding bloom lighting and dream sequence-esque soft focus.
  • Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN) - Potentially the best looking MMOG characters of all time.
  • Ultima Online 10th Anniversary Edition - Can a shiny new skin revive this ancient top-down MMOG?
  • Huxley - Take Unreal Tournament and make the maps way way way bigger.
  • Pirates of the Burning Sea - Water effects to trump all challengers.

  • 2006 Winner: RF Online

    Longest MMOG beta of all time:
  • Vanguard - Now in its 18th phase of intermediate beta for people in specific demographics with latitudes between 43 and 49.
  • Spellborn - Lengthy beta phase including a massive 35 hand picked elite players (who all live in New Jersey).

  • 2006 Winner: Auto Assault

    Longest MMOG name of 2007:
  • Vanguard, Saga of Heroes - 24 characters
  • Pirates of the Burning Sea - 26 characters
  • The Chronicles of Spellborn - 27 characters
  • Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising - 28 characters
  • FreeWorld: Apocalypse Portal - 28 characters
  • Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning - 34 characters
  • Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar - 43 characters - WINNER!

  • 2006 Winner: Dungeons & Dragons: Stromreach (30 characters)

    Most embarrassing Korean-port of 2007:
  • 2 Moons - Get more XP and loots for looking at advertising!
  • 9 Dragons - Silkroad, now with karate.
  • Carpe Diem - Would have won game of the the 80s.
  • Cabal Online - You can look like Cloud while grinding mobs in a console style action game.
  • Any future Codemasters title - Codemasters will take no prisoners in this category.

  • 2006 Winner: Archlord

    2007 Vaporware Award:
  • Stargate Worlds - All the hype with 90% less game code and artwork.
  • Hero's Journey - Proving it takes 10 years to make a MMOG even if you have a point and click game creation engine.
  • Kaos War - Q: Can drama and inexperience fuel a development project? A: If your devs are homeless it can.

  • 2006 Winner:Endless Saga

    2007 Massively Misguided Leadership Award
  • Cindy Armstrong - Webzen - PC Gamers unite! This CEO wants to dumb down your MMOs and move them all to consoles.
  • Philip Rosedale - Linden Labs - Mr. Linden believes he is a prophet.
  • David Perry - Acclaim - Earthworm Jim creator will deliver a Korean port funded by on-screen ads.
  • Adam Ghetti - Rapid Reality - Still can't buy his own beer, but says he's going to pump out 6 MMOs in the next year.
  • Damon Grow - Kaos War - I'm not saying a hotel bellhop can't pilot a MMOG project, but...

  • 2006 Winner: Rod Cousens, Codemasters - No explanation required.

    And there it is. The somewhat serious, somewhat joking list of future MMOG awards. You can find the links to all of these titles on the future gamelist below.

    Have any categories to add? Want to pick your winners? Think I'm a cruel and obtuse curmudgeon? Have at it in the comments section.

  • Submitted by Brent on Dec 12, 2006 15:09:41 CST (comments: 9)


    'So Vanguard won't run on my 3dfx card ?' by Dathmar
    Submitted on 2006-12-12 17:49:11 CST
    Is Vanguard really going to be a graphics card killer ?
    I was really hoping that Sigil would see (for me anyway) EQ2s biggest problem (which still remains to date 2 years after launch and PCs are loads faster now) in that unless you have a monster machine you have to run the game in a very low graphics setting (well my x800 xl 256MB just don't cut it)

    I thought that the Unreal Engine used would mean that Vanguard would run a little better than SOE's in-house engine given that they should have the all the tuning data from Epic Games

    '...' by Heartless
    Submitted on 2006-12-12 20:09:25 CST

    Dathmar have you even looked into Vanguard? It will be as system intensive (if not worse) than EQ2.

    'Vanguard' by Brent
    Submitted on 2006-12-12 22:37:23 CST
    I hate to report it, but it is really brutal on the video card. Hopefully last minute optimization will improve it a bit.

    'Vanguard' by PeZzy
    Submitted on 2006-12-13 02:19:34 CST
    I don't think Vanguard's biggest problem is the high system requirements...the problem is they are going to need a dozen sparsely populated server clusters at launch in order to keep the lag problems at an acceptable level. They are using a modified Unreal 2 engine which is meant for small world games. Does SOE really need another EQ-ish game? Will the bad publicity during the beta harm it? Will Brad's defence of the game and criticism of others on public forums bolster the game's profile? It's a good game but shouldn't we be moving forward instead of visiting the past?

    './me baltently ignores Vanguard' by unbeliever
    Submitted on 2006-12-13 02:50:58 CST
    Tabula Rasa for most promising of '07 & Pirates of the Burning Seas for Best Graphics would be my vote.

    'oh poo' by Dathmar
    Submitted on 2006-12-13 06:27:05 CST
    not sure how to break it to my wife..."sorry the kids don't get presents this Xmas as I need a new PC"

    'Thinking about this makes me a little mad....' by Dathmar
    Submitted on 2006-12-13 07:30:44 CST
    Sorry - should have given a more intelligent response.
    Heartless - Yes I have seen the game in screenshot and video form....but honestly I don't think it has anything special or ground breaking in it...and the world didn't seem vastly populated with flora and fauna or buildings....seemed quite bare to me.

    If this game does need some Uber graphics card to run at Medium to High settings I honestly think Sigil have made a big mistake.
    I know many people don't expect it to be the WOW killer etc....but I would have thought that making the game have very high system requirements just reduces the amount of potential subscriptions. me I think its a little bit of the “Manager's PC” syndrome – I used to do tuning working for my company in the good old days of Client/Server tech ( which is what MMOs are still using) and if any customer said that their application was running slowly I would always go into the mangers office first and use his / her PC.
    99% of the time the manager had the best PC in the office – and used it 90% less then anyone else.
    I think perhaps Brad and Jeff should have bought a mid-range PC each and said to their developers – make a good looking game for this machine and make is run well....rather than go shopping at Alienware for their PCs

    I have played WOW a lot and play SoR and both have low ish system requirements and both in my mind have some of the best ( not technically perhaps) graphics in any MMO
    Also Guild Wars, now that looks amazing...I don't like the art as much as WOW / SoR – but all 3 games will even run on my laptop with a 32MB gfx card....! ( I obviously don't expect any newer games to do this – but its just an example)

    To me art and creativity make up for a lot in a game...not flashy new graphic lighting effects...
    - as they say its not the size its what you do with it that counts ( Of course no one says this to me ;) )

    Sorry to have a rant about this – but this is one of the things that really annoys me about some games – for example EQ2 – I really like the game but why on earth should attacking 3 mobs at the same time (with Med to Low Graphics Setting) on a Mid-Range PC bring the game to about 5-10 FPS and there is no way that I am going to spend £350 / $600 on the top of the range card...

    Okay – back in my shell now..

    'I don't get it..' by darrenl
    Submitted on 2006-12-13 07:44:16 CST
    I really still don't understand what the major gameplay diffrences are between EQ2 and there any difference. I look at the videos and the screenshots and I think, "Hey, thats EQ2". The griffons look the same, the dark elves look the same..etc, etc. OK, there is a diplomacy system and the classes are a bit different...anything else?

    I'm tempted to get the pre-order to start in the beta. If its turns out to be like EQ2 but only at 5-10 fps, then whats my motivation for getting Vanguard?

    'Vanguard...again' by PeZzy
    Submitted on 2006-12-13 10:11:28 CST
    BTW...make sure you turn off the 3D clouds unless you like staring at the sky. You'll find it helps the slow-down problem alot.

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