Go Vote for the Future of Games Today!
Nov 07, 2006 11:59:56

Alright all you MMORPGers, MOB Slayers, and Virtual World Treaders - Try to get out and vote today. You've all noticed all the awful legislation pertaining to gaming that has been flying around this past year. Most of it has resulted in a colossal waste of money and nothing more, but if you don't vote for the right candidate you might find yourself playing nothing but Barbie, My Little Pony, Disney and Pokemon titles in the near future. (Nothing against those IPs, but what if that's all you had?) Or on the other side of the argument, if you'd prefer our games to be censored and/or killed altogether you should also vote, I guess.

For more information on why you need to get out and vote, visit the . There\'s no doubt on the position most gamers hold. Here is a summary of the issue from VGVN:
Game content is constitutionally protected, and efforts to regulate the distribution of games and their content is dangerous, unwarranted, and an infringement on the free speech and artistic rights of game creators. Government does not regulate access to or sale of movies, books, and cable TV. There is no government mandate to show ID when seeing or buying an R-rated movie, and there is no reason to hold video games to higher scrutiny.

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