IE is the devil
Oct 29, 2006 17:52:42

Don't trust anything you see here in Internet Explorer! Isn't it sad how both Opera and Firefox display these pages flawlessly at all times and yet IE seems to act randomly? Looks fine today, broken tomorrow. I haven't tested this page in IE7 yet, mostly because I fear that I'll fly into a rage and break all my stuff, or worse I'll work all night to fix some layout issue in IE which will in turn make something look silly in Firefox and Opera.

(argh I say. argh.)

Submitted by Brent on Oct 29, 2006 17:52:42 CST (comments: 4)


'IE still is bad.' by Iccanui
Submitted on 2006-10-30 09:01:35 CST
Well im in the IT field and i have a well spring of hatred for MS, but to e fair they have stepped it up recently and vista seems to be a interesting turn in security improvement, though th OS seems like it will remain a hinderance to true gamers. If you wanna know more about vista check out the windows weekly podcast. Good info.

Here is the problem with IE7, which is the problem with MS mindset. IE7 does not adhere properly to standards that all web content providers such as macromedia ( now adobe ) java and just so many others have agreed on. They wanna work together to provide a good web experience, MS wants everyone to do it their way. Behind the scenes the smaller browers and these companies have agreed on a standard and MS kinda just muscles in and says " we are the big dogs do it our way or else". Well they arent the only viable computing solution anymore and this might have worked in the past, but its beginging to backfiring on them as llinux and OS X gain acceptance. MS is the big dog, but less and less and if they keep up this stance, they will lose that crown.

Anyway. Yea IE7 sucks. Try uninstalling it from a customers PC, you have to hack it out, literaly, from the registry. Color me unimpressed.


'IE7 - pile of doo doo' by Dathmar
Submitted on 2006-10-31 07:53:03 CST
lol - I just made a big update saying that IE was okay for me here and that I don't like it but I have to use it for work....etc
Pressed submit
No post....and I was logged in ?
Very odd
So - no - IE7 doesn't seem to work too well.
I don't think its anyting to do with this webiste...just another IE "thang"

'it worked' by Dathmar
Submitted on 2006-10-31 07:53:53 CST
....this time....maybe there is a 2 mins timeout or something ??

'IE gah why does it exist.' by kain
Submitted on 2006-11-04 23:39:03 CST
Dont give in. Windows keeps pestering me to install 7 but no thank you. Your site works in Firefox opera, Ice weasel, Epiphany, mozila core. It seems like Microsoft is not following the rules for making a browser that lives up to industry standards. This is what they get for taking the original IE developers away from the project and letting IE rot for so many years(ie was once great in its day). I mean its pretty bad when the open source community over steps you at ever turn and releases software generations ahead of anything you have in the plans.

Sad but the average user is gimped by the lack technical knowledge so we are stuck with IE as a curse forever till windows dies.

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