'SWg forums' by kain
Submitted on 2006-10-15 18:57:18 CST
Well The quote you spoke of is correct but the SWG commuity is not the same as most in that the community on a whole has a grudge against the devs because of where they pushed the game and the potential they let die.
As for complaining about a race that is unreleased, WoW beat the eq guy by about 4 months when they complained about the blood elf racial abilities displayed at blizcon.

'Looking forward to top 5' by zoal
Submitted on 2006-10-17 07:26:42 CST
My prediction is...
1. Everquest
2. Eve-Online
3. Ultima Online
4. Ryzom
5. No idea :)

On the topic of Everquest. Do you think SOE have given up on attracting more players to this game? i played for about 6 years before retiring about 18months ago. Recently I had an urge to play it again for nostalgia's sake...but before I went to all the hastle of installing ALL the expansions again on my comp, I sent them an email asking them if my old character was still available to play.
Their respnse was an automatic email stating..."We encourage you to login to our support site to search our knowledge base for solutions.
So here is a person with cash in hand willing to pay to play the game if they could only answer a simple question.
This attitude by SOE sort of reminded why I left in the first place.

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