Happy Birthday VirginWorlds
Oct 13, 2006 01:07:53

One year has passed. 365 days ago, VirginWorlds launched as a MMO blog aimed at exploring new and upcoming MMORPGs. Since then, it has grown significantly in scope. All MMOs are included now, not just emerging ones. The news is updated daily. A podcast has been created. And, sadly, as a result of those additions blog and article posts have declined in frequency.

The traffic stats are far from impressive, but still not too bad for a homegrown site with no advertising budget.

Total Blog Entries: 107
Pageviews: 116,268
Total News Items posted: 3648 (since February)
Total Podcasts: 34 (since March)
Podcast downloads: 33,692 (since March)

Thanks for visiting VirginWorlds in its first year. Many more to come, you can be sure of that.

Submitted by Brent on Oct 13, 2006 01:07:53 CST (comments: 13)


'Congrats!' by MMOz
Submitted on 2006-10-13 04:13:39 CST
Hey prognosticator,

Congrats on your one year milestone! The site is looking great. I know what an effort it is to stay on top of all the latest news. Keep up the good work. I wish you many more years of success with VW!

'Huzzah!' by Wilhelm2451
Submitted on 2006-10-13 10:13:46 CST
Congrats on the one year milestone! I am sure we all look forward to many more here at VirginWorlds!

I just have to say, well, the graphics are amazing.

I love that.

'le gratz' by tide
Submitted on 2006-10-13 11:44:36 CST
well done and grats. 1 yr stronger :)

'Ding!' by Bman
Submitted on 2006-10-13 12:41:09 CST
Welcome to level 2!

Congratulations on one full year of pwning news, and here's to more and better in the future!

'Great Job' by vcn3wb05
Submitted on 2006-10-13 13:03:22 CST
This is not your daddy's fantasy, kids. Great podcast... please don't EVER podfade, Brent!

'Grats' by Jarimor
Submitted on 2006-10-13 15:08:31 CST
Congratulations on your great achievement of delivering a year of quality podcast fare.
Many happy returns.

'Happy B Day!' by robg
Submitted on 2006-10-13 19:24:48 CST
Congratz on a great first year and many more to follow!

'Amazing Job' by Saylah
Submitted on 2006-10-14 00:01:57 CST
You've done an amazing job, Brent. You can certainly be proud of all that you've accomplished here! HAPPY BIRTHDAY VW.

'Congrats!' by Shawn
Submitted on 2006-10-16 10:41:00 CST
You've come a long way, baby. Keep up the great work!

'Gratz' by twistah
Submitted on 2006-10-16 12:25:48 CST
Nice run Brent !

Keep it up :)

(and of course....'i love that')

Pål O.

'Keep it UP!' by Juliothom011170
Submitted on 2006-10-16 12:57:57 CST
I appreciate the clear and concise way you let us know what's going on in the MMO world. I particularly appreciate that I can listen to your Podcast with my young one in the room without worrying about the "F" Bomb being dropped repeatedly.

Continue the excellent work.

'Melton, Australia Branch, VW fan club ' by hughnme
Submitted on 2006-10-17 04:18:05 CST
Fantastic work Brent, my number one site and pod cast for all things MMO, classy and intelligent, many happy returns, good on ya mate! (Aussie for well done)

'Many many thanks' by Brent
Submitted on 2006-10-19 16:13:24 CST
Wow, so many kind words. Thanks to each of you. Apparently there are some people who like what's been going on this psat year and I'm glad to hear it.

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