Eve TV is Fun to Watch
Jul 14, 2006 13:20:26

I tuned into Eve TV during the day today and learned a bit about the battle tactics of the Eve elite. The show swings between in-studio commentary and In-game team PvP battles between Corporations. The commentary is precisely like a traditional sports cast and the fellows calling the matches seem quite knowledgeable not only on the technicals of play, but also the backgrounds of the competitors.

If you have an opportunity to check it out, I recommend it. The entire production is well produced and quite slick. Kudos to CCP for organizing this event. Let us hope they record the event and will eventually post the live coverage as downloadable content (AKA: Eve Tivo), as I'm sure most of us can't watch for 5 days straight.

Here is the link and the schedule for days 1-3.

  • Day One Result Summary
  • I talk about this more in Podcasts 17 and 18
  • Eve TV

    Day 1. July 14th
    14:50 Start of Broadcast
    15:00 The Five vs Dusk and Dawn
    15:20 Pure. vs Serenus Letum
    15:40 OPUS Alliance vs Fate Weavers
    16:00 Veritas Immortalis vs Band of Brothers
    16:20 I S S vs Stain- Alliance
    16:40 Ushra'Khan vs Mercenary Coalition
    17:00 3rd Front Alliance vs N O R A D
    17:20 Lotka Volterra vs GoonSwarm
    17:40 Feature: The Making of EON
    Feature: Warp Drive Active
    18:00 Morsus Mihi vs Prime Orbital Systems
    18:20 The Red Skull vs Fountain Alliance
    18:40 SMASH Alliance vs Aegis Militia
    19:00 Carebear Killers vs Electus Matari
    19:20 Gemini Federation vs Axiom Empire
    19:40 Exuro Mortis vs Free Space Alliance
    20:00 Alcohol Conglomerate vs Black Reign Syndicate
    20:20 Vox Imperium vs T R U S T

    Day 2. July 15th
    14:50 Start of Broadcast
    15:00 The Five vs Serenus Letum
    15:20 Pure. vs I R O N
    15:40 OPUS Alliance vs Band of Brothers
    16:00 Veritas Immortalis vs Red Alliance
    16:20 I S S vs Mercenary Coalition
    16:40 Ushra'Khan vs Chorus of Dawn
    17:00 3rd Front Alliance vs GoonSwarm
    17:20 Lotka Volterra vs O X I D E
    17:40 Feature: Aura: The new Player experiance
    Feature:Night out with the Dev’s (Uncensored)
    18:00 Morsus Mihi vs Fountain Alliance
    18:20 The Red Skull vs E.R.A
    18:40 SMASH Alliance vs Electus Matari
    19:00 Carebear Killers vs Ascendant Frontier
    19:20 Gemini Federation vs Free Space Alliance
    19:40 Exuro Mortis vs Stain Empire
    20:00 Alcohol Conglomerate vs T R U S T
    20:20 Vox Imperium vs Kaos Empire

    Day 3. July 16th
    14:50 Start of Broadcast
    15:00 The Five vs Pure.
    15:20 I R O N vs Dusk and Dawn
    15:40 OPUS Alliance vs Veritas Immortalis
    16:00 Red Alliance vs Fate Weavers
    16:20 I S S vs Ushra'Khan
    16:40 Chorus of Dawn vs Stain- Alliance
    17:00 OPUS Alliance vs Band of Brothers
    17:20 Chorus of Dawn vs Stain- Alliance
    17:40 Feature: London Panel
    18:00 Morsus Mihi vs The Red Skull
    18:20 E.R.A vs Prime Orbital Systems
    18:40 SMASH Alliance vs Carebear Killers
    19:00 Ascendant Frontier vs Aegis Militia
    19:20 Gemini Federation vs Exuro Mortis
    19:40 Stain Empire vs Axiom Empire
    20:00 Alcohol Conglomerate vs Vox Imperium
    20:20 Kaos Empire vs Black Reign Syndicate

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