Pod is the new Blog: Part II
Apr 02, 2006 21:31:00

Since the publication of the first podcast review article (see part one here), various new MMORPG podcasts have appeared (or been discovered) and the old guard has in many cases changed (or disappeared). Here is part two in what will be an ongoing series of podcast reviews in the MMORPG world.

Rating system:

= Not Good
= Needs Serious Improvement
= Solid Effort
= One of the Best
= Perfection

New MMORPG Podcasts (new to me at least)

Subject: Guild Wars
Website: http://www.guildcast.com/show/
Hosts: Shawn and Lady Sinaea
Commentary: Guildcast is the only Guild Wars podcast around, and frankly, Shawn and Lady Sinaea do such a fine and comprehensive job that we probably don't need another one. This podcast is packed with useful information for rookie or veteran Guild Wars players. Podcasts with this level of raw data are rare. Production values are solid and Shawn is a likeable host. Lady Sinea will soon have oodles of gamers sending marriage proposals much as Kirnkaterre, Alachia and Renata surely are experiencing. This podcast is primary informational and not necessarily entertaining, but if you play Guild Wars, you will treasure it.
(3.5 / 5)

Subject: Eve Online
Website: http://www.evecast.com/
Hosts: Various
Commentary: At first Eve Online started as a ragtag collection of peculiar commercials and music clips, but after 4 somewhat pointless episodes EveCast has begun to evolve into a podcast that I genuinely anticipate. The format is short, entertaining, and informational. As a new Eve Online player, I find the information useful and now that a format has taken shape, I find the podcast quite entertaining. The podcast sounds like an editing nightmare. Someone clearly spends plenty of time editing together the various elements of the podcast, and it is edited to good effect. The technology of podcasting is not lost on these Eve players. I'd like to give this one a full 3 points, but feel it has some room to grow. I have a feeling that I will upgrade it next time assuming it continues to mature. Give this one a listen.
(2.5 / 5)

Massively Online Gamer
Subject: Anything Massively Multiplayer
Website: http://www.massivelyonlinegamer.com/
Hosts: Gary Gannon and Ryan Verniere
Commentary:Intense. Funny. Not for the Kids. Gary and Ryan are the classic straight man/funny man duo. Gary does a very good job producing the show. He is prepared, has a great voice, and provides a compass for the show. Ryan is an absolutely madman, drinks way too much coffee, and his quick wit and outrageous personality would earn him a good living as a stand up comic. These guys love MMOGs. They are on a quest of sorts, to find the perfect game and whether we like it or not, we're along for the ride. I often find myself laughing out loud at the impromptu comedy on this unscripted and unformatted show. With that said, I should note that I am not easily offended. This show is definitively NOT for children or anyone who would take offense at frequent expletives and toilet humor of the (funniest) crassest nature. Gary and Ryan are entertainers, but they aren't necessarily educators. Their information on games and their background on the gaming industry is spotty at best, but that isn't why I tune in. I tune in to hear their reactions to things I've already found out about elsewhere, and it never fails to put a smile on my face.
(3.5 / 5)

RPG Forums Online
Subject: Anything RPG
Website: http://www.rpgforumsonline.com/
Hosts: Ozental and Eddie
Commentary:Whimsical and fun. This podcast only occasionally covers MMOs, because RPGForums Online covers all brands of RPG computer games. The format is short, typically running under 30 minutes. The production is extremely strong, but consists of a high amount of fluff. The fluff is well executed and creative, but I often find myself wishing they'd get on with it already. This podcast may not be aimed at my demographic. The show is kid-friendly and if I had an 8 year Zelda-playing son I could imagine listening to this with him. All in all, a very strong podcast that is professionally executed, but the VirginWorlds demographic will probably find it too cutesy.
(3 / 5)

Ten Ton Hammer Podcast
Subject: MMO Commentary and News
Website: http://podcast.tentonhammer.com/
Hosts: John "Boomjack" Hoskin, Phil "Ralphedelominius" Comeau, Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle, Nicole "Awenyddion" Hamlett
Commentary:Ten Ton Hammer just released its very first podcast, so I fairly can't say much about it at this time. (But I will anyway.) On the upside, Ten Ton Hammer is already doing a better job on its podcast (IMHO) than its competitors (MMORPG.com, OGaming, Stratics). The hosts are the kind of people that I'd like to sit down and talk to about MMO gaming. When listening to the discussions, which is pretty much all the podcast was, I found myself wanting to drop in and say a few things myself. The production value for the first podcast was abysmal. 80% of the podcast sounded like a recorded phone conversation between two of the hosts, and this was rather annoying. As I mentioned the content was good, but unformatted, random, and wandering. I often wond
ered where they were going. Seeing as Ten Ton Hammer is well established as a website, I imagine they're going to have some great interviews in the future, but in the meantime they have some technical and format issues to overcome. I wish them the best, as I expect this one will shape up to be one of the better podcasts available from the MMO news sites, particularly the business-like ones.
(2.5 / 5)

w00t radio
Subject: NCSoft Games
Website: http://www.w00tradio.net/
Hosts: The Jester and various guests
Commentary:This is a live web-based radio show that is also released as a podcast. Two things immediately leapt out at me. One, the production value is poor and Two, it is reeeally long. Those items aside, I did like the City of Heroes content that I heard. The host is very energetic and his co-hosts are knowledgeable if somewhat untalkative at times. I'm going to withhold a rating on this one since I've only listened to 4 episodes and do not feel I have a good sense of the content yet. In short, if you like NCSoft games, particularly CoH/CoV, you should listen to this.


World of Warcraft Tips
Subject: World of Warcraft
Website: http://www.warcrafttips.com/
Hosts: Sosaria and Macmullet
Commentary: Missing in Action. Oh where have our tips gone?

World of Podcast
Subject: World of Warcraft
Website: http://worldofpodcast.blogspot.com/
Host: Samuel Altersitz/Uncle Thursday
Commentary: Getting better. Good info. Still an angry gamer, but I keep listening. He recently did a show with Alachia from WoWCast which was a long, but excellent episode. Uncle Thursday is starting to grow on me. I'm upgrading him to a:
(2.5 / 5)

Raiding Party
Subject: World of Warcraft Events
Website: http://www.obsidianriver.com/portal/
Hosts: The Raid Leader
Commentary: Missing in Action

The Paragon Podcast
Subject: City of Heroes/Villains
Website: http://www.whiterose.org/paragon/
Hosts: Rick J'onzz
Commentary: Missing in Action. Really a bummer, this City of Heroes podcast started very strong.

Subject: MMOG News
Website: http://www.stratics.com
Hosts: Gabe (formerly hosted by Beans)
Commentary: It appears that Gabe is the fulltime host now. His podcasts are sporadically produced, and are 4 minutes long. This is a true disappointment. I'm not sure why Stratics even bothers. Gabe seems like a swell guy and a great host. I wish he'd apply himself to this effort. Score downgraded.
(2 / 5)

Game/On (MMORPG Podcast)
Subject: MMORPG News
Website: http://mmorpg.com/gameon.cfm
Hosts: Matt McLean and Jon Wood
Commentary:This podcast is consistently improving with each episode. A score upgrade is deserved.
(3 / 5)

There you have it! I'll be planning on updating and expanding this series of reviews on a quarterly basis, so until then, have fun listening.

-The Prognosticator

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