World of Warcraft 1.11 Patch Notes Leaked by former Community Manager
Apr 01, 2006 01:45:00

1.11 PATCH NOTES: from Caydium

(You can find the non-April fools 1.11 patch news here)


Bet you never thought you'd see me again, eh? The Community Team certainly didn't, but -- oops! It looks like my account was left flagged.

They're going to regret that oversight.

Throughout my time in dealing with the developers, I knew a lot more about the game and what was coming than I let on. I had patch notes months in advance, but I was always kept quiet by my superiors. After recent events, however, I no longer have anything to lose. It's time for sweet, sweet vengeance.

I still have access to that information... and now, so do you.

I give you the 1.11 patch notes. Keep in mind they're rough, but this is the plan for the major changes to the game. My condolences.

Make sure to copy these down -- this is going to be deleted in a matter of moments, and the players deserve to know this information. With your help, it will never die. You can't stop the signal.

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