Carnival of Gamers March 2006
Mar 03, 2006 13:34:00

Welcome to the March 2006 Carnival of Gamers, which as luck would have it coincides with award season, and while the Kodak Theatre was inexplicably booked for a "more important event" occurring later this weekend (boggle, what could be more important?) we were able to secure a very large cardboard box that we found in the alley while scouting the Theatre. With some duct tape, red papier-mâché, and a little ingenuity we've set up a red carpet to be proud of, and while we won't actually be allowed inside the Kodak Theatre, we've been told that we can loiter in the alley all we want as long as there are no disturbances. From this location we'll be able to take advantage of the lights and music of that other awards show, the only real difference is that at the end of the red carpet ceremony, every one will be standing inside that very large cardboard box behind me rather than inside the Kodak Theatre.

It is only midday on Friday, yet we can see Joan Rivers is already here, she appears to be interviewing a UPS delivery driver. No doubt she is warming up for the grueling task ahead. Now I see a few studious looking individuals talking to her. Wait that looks like Jake from The Game Chair. He's nominated this year for his thought provoking piece on Games as Literature. From here it looks like Joan is extremely engaged by his examination of the development of society's perception of films, and now games, as art. Jake must not realize that the real award ceremony is over here in the alley because he is now headed into the Kodak theatre.

Joan has intercepted another hapless victim on the red carpet, yes, it is Jason from Unfettered Blather who is riding a wave of fame and fortune on the heels of his heartbreaking article entitled Nostalgia, games, and common sense. I checked this out at a public reading a few weeks ago and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Oh, looks like Joan's daughter, Melissa, was moved by it too, she's clinging to Jason and sobbing on his shoulder, how touching.

Another pair are headed up the red carpet, from here it looks like Nicodemus and Ethic from Kill Ten Rats. They appear to be bickering. Ah yes, I hear there is continuing debate about which fine article to push to the academy this year, and a difficult decision it is to choose between the instant sci-fi classic We were promised flying cars! and the gritty documentary Ex-Blizzard Receptionist scores MMO Funding Deal! Nicodemus demonstrated a considerable scope of talents in creating these two brilliant works. I wish they'd spot me standing over here in the alley.

I see Johnny Pi from Design Synthesis lingering in the street wondering if he should head up to the theatre as well. Try as I might I can't seem to wave him over. Ah well, I'm sure Joan could benefit from hearing all about his recent writings especially Shake the Can, a scorching yet comedic commentary on proper game design.

The Overlord at Continuous Play is strolling confidently up the red carpet now, looks like he blew right past the interviewers, no doubt anxious to collect his award for best technical achievement for his work on Re
volution?s Secret

Who is this I see flirting with Melissa Rivers on the Red Carpet? Tobold! Tobold came today to represent his latest study Sources of fun. I'd like to say I'll have a chance to interview him, but it looks like he is escorting Melissa into the Kodak Theatre. Lucky dog.

And speaking of dogs, here comes Tom from No Signal Input who wrote Those Camping Bastards, possibly one of the greatest and truest (and conflicted) rants of all time. A finer piece of work can hardly be found and I wish him well in the award ceremony, which is supposed to be over here in the alley, and yet he is being allowed inside the theatre.

Scott over at Gaming Signal is here, no doubt nominated for his intimate insider look into to seedy underbelly of the second hand gold market entitled Buy any in-game items lately?

Looks like Kim from ...on pampers, programming & pitching manure has been caught in Joan's snare and is being forced to explain both his article Buck a point as well as the origin of his entire outfit right down to the shoe laces. I do not envy him, but he will survive, of that I am certain.

Finally, I see Surly from Surly Gamers ushering everyone into the theatre so they can be sure to see the show opener featuring a montage from Kids and Consoles, I hear it's the best musical since Annie.

All is quiet on the carpet now, aside from Joan attempting to interview a pigeon that has perched on her camera man. Fortunately or unfortunately, the impressive array of folks appearing at this Carnival of Gamers are inside the lovely Kodak Theatre and I am in the alley with a red carpet made of papier-mâché. Hey, this is a cool box, I wonder what's inside...

So, this is where the rest of them are hiding.

Over in the northwest quadrant of the large cardboard box we have Heartless_ Gamer explaining the key components to Joining a corporation in EVE Online. It looks like Mr. Deniro is quite engaged. Meanwhile, buttonMasher is relating his EVE Online impressions to Sharon Stone. All in all, Mr. Pesci looks less than impressed with this subject, this could get ugly.

With considerable grace and a good measure of bravery Corvus is standing shoulder to shoulder with Ellen DeGeneres while explaining "It's just a game" to the entire cast of the L Word.

Matt from Press the Buttons, is standing in the back of the room (er, box) casually explaining the dangers of dealing with Poisonous Snakers to several young starlets. I have no idea how they ended up in here. Gosh he's dreamy.

By far, the most awe inspiring site inside this large, but not large enough cardboard box outback of the Kodak Theatre is the group of Curmudgeon Gamers, each standing atop a mini stack of MS Flight Sim manuals telling their stories of how Orson Scott Card's 1983 vi
deogame commentary is still relevant
, regaling tales of Fascination with Powerleveling, and most profoundly, recaps of the Videogame blogger ethics panel.

Just another year on the red papier-mâché carpet at the Carnival of Gamers. We'll see you at the after party...

Be sure to visit the Carnival of Gamers HQ for info on carnivals past, present and future.

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