What the heck is a Draenei?
Dec 28, 2005 22:47:00

The February 2006 edition of Computer Games Magazine is rumored to have the honor of releasing the identity of the new Alliance race selection for World of Warcraft. This issue should be hitting stands shortly, but in the meantime, strain your eyes on these scans of the article.

...or, you can let me blow them up in Paintshop Pro and see what they say...
  • You've hit that wall known as Level 60, at least once if not multiple times, as WoW has been voted "Easiest MMO to Cap Out Ever"; Blizzard's new level cap of 70 will at least give you something higher to shoot for.
  • They're not just upgrading spells and skills (like Conjure Water rank 32, or Kidney Shot rank 19); they're adding brand-new ones, as well as additional tiers in the talent trees.
  • The socketed item phenomenon that was sort of "coined" by Diablo will be implemented and Jewelcrafting added to the tradesperson skill set.
  • Alliance players will enjoy playing as Draenei, and the new Blood Elf race gives the Horde faction its first exercise in what humans perceive as sex appeal (even though those Troll females are pretty cute).
  • If you're bored with the same old continents and dungeons -- which you probably are -- Burning Crusade adds the planet of Outland, formerly Draenor, around which Level 70 characters can fly on Nether Dragon mounts.

    WHY NOT?
  • You can't fight on your Nether Dragon, nor use it outside of Outland, and it's slower than the current flying contingent of Griffons and Bats.
  • They're not planning to add new classes at this juncture, nor will the "hero class" be ready to launch.
  • Those of you who've spent the last several hundred game hours getting those epic armor sets and Arathi stuff might be disappointed that they won't be the end-all and be-all anymore.
  • And will the current zones all of a sudden become deserted when people flock to the new areas? (Have you been to the n00b zones in EverQuest in the past thousand years? The NPCs are there, but they're awfully lonely.)

  • And so, what is a Draenei? Wikipedia knows all!
    "The Draenei are one of the three primary races native to Draenor (the others being the Orcs and the Ogres). They once populated the planet heavily, but were slaughtered by the Orcs shortly after their corruption by the Warlock Gul'dan. A small number of Draenei survived, using a recessive cloaking ability. Severely mutated in the destruction of Draenor, they were thought to be extinct, but Illidan and his forces discovered and liberated one of the last surviving Draenei villages among the wastes of what is now known as Outland. The Draenei are known for being stealthy spies and assassins as their warriors can Shadowmeld at all times of day, even while moving. They are currently ruled by Akama, the Elder Sage, and are allied with Illidan's Naga and Blood Elves. The Draenei are consumed by an unquenchable bloodlust whenever they know Orcs are near. A few Draenei were led through the portal by a few unknown leaders with the hopes of finding a new life, and have settled in The Swamps Of Sorrow. Unfortunately, most of them were driven mad due to homesickness, and attack all on sight. There are a few, led by Mag
    toor, that remember their noble roots and survive on in the swamp separate of their mad brothers. The mad Draenei are called "The Lost Ones" in memory of their old homeworld. They are a likely candidate for the new Alliance race to be added in the Burning Crusade Expansion."
    One concern that has been expressed repeatedly is that the Horde lacks an attractive, yet evil, racial choice. Now they will have the sexy Bloodelves to work with, and the Alliance will have these thugs to deal with:

    Yikes. It appears that the two factions are now on even footing in the beauty department.

    Submitted by Brent on Dec 28, 2005 22:47:00 CST (comments: 0)


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