RF Online = Real Flashy Online
Nov 17, 2005 00:01:00

I don't know who the Codemasters are, but they sure make a nice looking game. RF Online (the 'RF' stands for Rising Force, but they were too embarassed to actually print that anywhere) is an eye opening sci-fi MMORPG. At first, I thought this might be an FPS, but the FAQ states that it is a persistant fantasy world centered around character development. There are links for an "encyclopedia" on the website but the links are disabled, so it is difficult to dive into any rhetoric on the game play. But, the video I've seen is simply awesome, especially the 2nd half. Is some of that game play footage? I think it is. I hope it is.

The trailer is one of those like Final Fantasy cut-scenes and the WoW Cinematic intro which made me wish they'd make a feature length film. It is extremly well done.

The daily events within RF Online are PvP focused. There are three distinct factions locked in battle for dominance of the planet. No, not particularly original, but what else are they going to battle for? My vote is for the last can of TurtleWax. With all this brilliant body armor, it would be a valuable commodity. (Mark my words. Duct tape and Turtle Wax.)

We all know that sci-fi style MMORPG's have been unpopular, or to be fair, much less popular than the traditional fantasy settings. RF Online looks to be riding the line between sci-fi and fantasy much like Final Fantasy has done (to good effect). This is definitely one to keep an eye on, especially if these images are appealing to you, and I'd be hard pressed to say there are many who wouldn't be wowed by these graphic displays. I'll be keeping you posted as more information develops, as always.

For those wishing to give this a try, MMORPG.com has teamed up with Codemasters to offer 100 beta slots. The contest ends on 12/15/2005 and the game is slated for release on February of 2006, so beta may be here just in time for X-Mas break (if you're lucky enough to have one.)

Now, I just need to decide if the Codemasters move into the Big Boys category....

RF Online Screenshot 1RF Online Screenshot 2RF Online Screenshot 3RF Online Screenshot 4

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