Super Rumor Mills Batman!
Dec 05, 2005 22:56:00

It seems that Monolith Productions (creator of The Matrix Online) has misplaced Senior Game Designer, Bruce Harlick. They searched high and low, but Sigil found him first.

Now the question is, why would Sigil need this man at this time? There is an as of yet unconfirmed rumor that Sigil has secured the rights to do a Marvel Comics MMORPG. Interestingly enough, Sony has the rights to do a DC Comics MMORPG and Bruce was apparently working on that at Monolith. (Monolith is owned by Warner Bros who teamed up with Sony for the DC Comics project, thereby inserting Monolith into the mix. See Press Release.) And so it seems that Bruce is a bigger fan of the X-Men than Batman. Good for you, Bruce. No doubt, Sigil intends to put Bruce's talents toward that (rumored, but likely for real) project.

This is all very interesting and exciting for comic fans, but I can't help but wonder:
1. What will the impact of this be on CoH/CoV?
2. Has anyone at Sony/Monolith or Microsoft/Sigil noticed that super hero games (an amusing change of pace IMNSHO) aren't exactly dominating the hearts and minds of the MMORPG community?

EDIT: Aggrome posted some similar thoughts here.

Submitted by Brent on Dec 05, 2005 22:56:00 CST (comments: 0)


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