EverQuest II Names a Queen
Dec 12, 2005 21:45:00

A few months ago, SOE and Stuff Magazine teamed up to find us a Queen. They did a nationwide model search to find a lass who embodied all of the grace and allure represented on the cover art of EverQuest II. They found her. Oh my, did they ever. Anna Wainscoat went up against some considerable competition in the battle for the crown, not the least of which was Holly Weber, who aside from being enough to mez even those with the highest magic resist gear, is also a spitting image of the queen from the box-art. Battle ensued and Anna was the victor. I'm sure all the readers are eager to see this newly crowned royalty. And so, I present all the official links as well as some pictures of her.

The Links

The Contest
The Search
The Winner
An Interview
The Stuff Spread (aka: Maybe not such a Virgin World after all...)

Our New Queen


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