Turbines & Dragons Online - What is in a name?
Oct 14, 2005 17:05:00

A review of the D&D Online website reveals the standard MMORPG features including a beta signup, screenshots, elusive FAQs, and wallpaper downloads. What Turbine, Inc. doesn't provide on the site is any indication as to whether or not this game is worth an iota of the hype associated with it.

The recent news entries on the site include marketing release details, concept art that apparently post-dates the screen shots, and wallpaper contests. Inquisitive minds like yours are left to ponder, is this game any good, or is it much like the recent release of Matrix Online, an overhyped turd wrapped in a cloak of branding and franchising arrangements? Game designers should design games because: A) They believe they can do it better and B) They have something original to offer, not because C) They struck a sweet deal with Hasbro.

One can only hope that Turbine does some justice to this game, not to mention The Lord of the Rings Online (more creative naming) for which they also forged a deal (with Tolkien Enterprises). Turbine is not known for its innovation, therefore we can hardly expect anything more than hackneyed gameplay coupled with the charm of familiar jargon, tired magics, and commonplace foes.

Screenshots posted by Turbine reveal similarly dark and gothic settings within both systems. Both use low polygon-count models and D&D Online's are only marginally stronger than the current Everquest graphics. (That's the original EQ, not EQ2.) LotR Online has a smoother look, but offers nothing innovative to the MMORPG market in terms of environment.

D&D Online

Lord of the Rings Online

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