City of Heroes II, AKA: City of Villians
Oct 13, 2005 17:50:00

NCSoft, game publisher and scourge of quality play experiences worldwide has decided to re-package last year's product City of Heroes. The new release City of Villians is precisely the same engine, same concept, same game right down to the splash screen (which in beta, still says City of Heroes). The only thing that is different is the names of the archetypes and the powers wielded by them. Oh, and the maps are new. Oops, almost forgot, the movement controls are all fuggered up too.

There is evidence to suggest that City of Villians is "an expansion" rather than a new game, but the fact is, you can't play both at the same time. An expansion leads one to believe that current characters will be able to enjoy new content, but in this case, it is a new level one character with newly named powers, a new evil outfit, in somewhat new surroundings. Sounds like a new game to me. (New being the suspect word here.) This argument all depends on your criteria. For example, if cost is the criteria, please begin rejoicing now because the monthly fee is the same if you play CoH, CoV, or both, but you still have to buy both boxes at your favorite retailer.

There is very little to add to that commentary, aside from: if you like City of Heroes, stay there, the lighting is better. If you didn't like City of Heroes, City of Villians is the same game. You won't like it any better with bad lighting and gimpy movement.

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Submitted by Brent on Oct 13, 2005 17:50:00 CST (comments: 1)


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