Whither Darkfall
Jun 04, 2009 16:30:56

I can only speak about Darkfall Online in the most general of terms, not having played the game. Now, there are some who will say that games with a skill based system don’t do well in the market. However, having played Ultima Online (UO) for quite some time, I welcome such a system - especially if it allows for adjustment of those skills after the maximum skill level has been reached. This takes away a factor that has long troubled me about mmo games and that is that once you roll up the character that is it: your class role is set in stone. If you are a warrior you stay a warrior with little variant, other than things like talent specs in WoW.

There are some who will not be able to handle a system where you are able to loot another player’s corpse (as I understand is the case at this point). What this does mean, however, is that there is a reward for fighting other player characters - something that has been missing in Warhammer Online. What this does is introduce the same nerve shattering excitement to pvp that Eve Online has - as well as bring us one on one pvp with a true death penalty.

The big question that I am pondering in my mind at this point is whether or not this will have an affect on Warhammer. The fact that Bill Roper (formerly of the now sunken Flagship Studios) tried to reassure us all about the future of Warhammer Online in an interview with Tracey John on MTV's blog site doesn’t make me feel any better. (In fact considering the source it worries me a bit.)

What I am most concerned with are words that I read in Warhammer articles such as these from Greenskin.com:
“Warhammer Online has HUGE game design issues. Mythic gave people a path of least resistance and people took it. Put aside all the bugs, balance and polish issues, and at its core, the game just isn’t designed to reward fighting other people [ emphasis added]” - Greenskin.com, Last chance for Romance

While the good folks at EA are no doubt pressuring Mythic Entertainment to dangle carrots in front of players to try and get them back (the latest carrot being a free trial) Darkfall Online seems to be addressing some of those issues that have driven players who like pvp away from the game. It is obvious that Darkfall will not be for everyone. My concern is that it WILL be for some of those same players that EA is trying to get Mythic to entice back.

See you online,
- Julie Whitefeather

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