Darren's TrackIR review
May 29, 2009 18:45:57

Darren, from Common Sense Gamer and Shut Up We're Talking, sometimes strays out of the MMO world into super geeky simulation games and nothing says 'geek' like flightsim technology and peripherals. Today he gives a tour of the TrackIR system. You can see more at www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/

Submitted by Brent on May 29, 2009 18:45:57 CST (comments: 2)


'Neat!' by Akely
Submitted on 2009-06-06 17:49:15 CST
I finally got to sit down and nerd out at this. Thanks for the vid, Darren!

I can see the clip on thing really being a hassle with the mike. Is there a right-hand version? Most Mikes do go on the left side, after all. I seem to remember a cap mounted thing too...

Extremely impressed whit the system being able to detect sideways movement. I guess it would be worthless withoud DCS being able to handle those movements. Regarding DCS: the images appeared a little of when you moved around. Faint ghost images from the canopy struts and the HUD, for instance. Is that the video not coping or is it the game?

Again, thanks. Now I'll go change my underwear.

'whoa' by dan
Submitted on 2009-06-15 18:34:50 CST
This is supa sweet, i would really like to see this being tried with some sort of FPS. Or if it's some intigrated into the consoles. I heard some stuff rescently though about companies trying to do just that, so i'm really interested to see where that goes.

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