Austin GDC 2008 - Video from Day 3
Sep 18, 2008 09:39:00

Audio podcast(s) will follow of course, but here is the "top-quality-video" shot by Darren and Brent on the final day of Austin GDC 2008. Enjoy.

Non YouTube versions:
Part One - Full Video
Part Two - Full Video

Submitted by Brent on Sep 18, 2008 09:39:00 CST (comments: 11)


'SQL Server or Oracle ?' by Dathmar
Submitted on 2008-09-18 10:39:46 CST
Tell me EVE doesn't run on SQL Server ?
...I know WOW uses Oracle RAC clusters

'Microsoft SQL Server' by Brent
Submitted on 2008-09-18 11:03:58 CST
Dathmar, yeah, it does. It's a big one, but the tranquility cluster runs on Windows and while the CCP team gave a few sort of valid reasons for the OS selection, I think it is clear to anyone in IT that their arguments only hold some water, but not enough. That said, these guys are geniuses, but for a system that attempts to optimize every last detail, running it on Windows does sorta seem like polishing your shoes and then shooting yourself in the foot with rocket launcher. Still that was the best presentation I saw during the conference.

'Thanks Brent.' by Dathmar
Submitted on 2008-09-18 11:42:15 CST
Sounds like some one in the MS Sales Dept had a good day at the CCP offices...
No wonder they get loads of LAG in Jita then ;)

'The EVE nerdy panel' by crazykinux
Submitted on 2008-09-18 13:18:44 CST
Looking forward to some additional details on that EVE Panel

'Video Problem' by Jaxom92
Submitted on 2008-09-18 14:00:53 CST
Waaaahhh! Says the video is no longer available...

'Same here' by Hauntshade
Submitted on 2008-09-18 14:12:37 CST
Haven't been able to view this video at all since it was posted, all i got was the "no longer available" message

'tested' by Brent
Submitted on 2008-09-19 00:46:31 CST
YouTube was acting up, but I just played it. So, I think it is working.

'Still Having Troubles' by Jaxom92
Submitted on 2008-09-19 02:09:52 CST
I'm still not able to see it. I wonder if it's my browser settings or some such giving me trouble. What's the direct url? I can just view it there.

'Jaxom92' by robg
Submitted on 2008-09-19 08:14:24 CST
I got the same message trying to watch Day 3 from work yesterday. The Day 1 and 2 video played. I was able to watch Day3 from home last night. Today I'm still getting the "video is no longer available" from work. Here is the direct link to Day 3 but I also get the video no longer available message.

'Its working here' by twistah
Submitted on 2008-09-19 12:10:12 CST maybe you guys didnt pay the YouTube bill this month?

But really cool with some video. You should make more of these, but perhaps using a real kamera or a Flip or something like that.

...awaiting the podcast !


'full versions' by Brent
Submitted on 2008-09-19 12:59:58 CST
Full versions are published in RSS feed now, see direct links above.

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