One year of assimilation
Jun 02, 2008 18:37:33

Today I was browsing around in iTunes and took note that the Podcast Collective is a year old now. Time really flies when you're:

a) Having fun
b) Editing podcasts
c) Sleep deprived
d) All of the above

There's not much to say aside from:

a) Thanks for the support
b) Thanks for the trust
c) Thanks to all the podcasters
d) Thanks for all the fun
e) Thanks for being such a great community
f) All of the above

I never expected the idea of a podcast community not driven by advertising pipe-dreams to make such a hefty splash, but it has. The only thing we seem to be missing is a featured provider link on the sidebar of the iTunes Video Game Page. (They don't seem to accept requests in that area. Very annoying.) And if you look at the other featured providers, I'd say we're due. Nevertheless this iTunes screenshot makes me:

a) Happy
b) Proud
c) Humbled
d) Overwhelmed
e) Shout for buffs
f) Pleased at the power game nerds wield when they work together
g) Get more coffee
h) All of the above

Thanks to everyone.

- Brent

Answers: d,f,h

Submitted by Brent on Jun 02, 2008 18:37:33 CST (comments: 10)


'Grats' by RogueSlayer
Submitted on 2008-06-02 19:54:27 CST
Grats mate. You have done some great work here.

'Thats Awesome' by odinseye
Submitted on 2008-06-02 20:29:55 CST
Gratzs as well from me to the collective and to you Brent. Your efforts, and the efforts of all the fine casts on here have really given me many memories, and laughs. I appreciate the effort you all put into this, it is very appreciated. :)

'No Brent, Thank you' by Jon
Submitted on 2008-06-02 21:13:50 CST
Speaking as a newer member of the collective we'd not be doing this if it wasn't for you. You've created something special and shown that an identity can be bigger than the shows and the games by themselves. Who else would let us talk about every game we feel like poking that week? The mix of game specific shows and general shows makes the collective something special than can attract people from every game and means we'll even listen to shows for games that we don't play just for the entertainment.

'Does this mean we're fired?' by Beauturkey
Submitted on 2008-06-02 22:00:12 CST
Love ya man. To da godfather of us nerds!!! *raises beer*


'Woot' by LealaTurkey
Submitted on 2008-06-02 22:03:20 CST
Grats and thank you again for all the great content!

'It HAS been a year, hasn't it?!' by Jonathan
Submitted on 2008-06-03 03:28:19 CST
Brent, it took a huge amount of faith to put so much trust into us "novice" podcasters. And without that faith in us that you had, I'm sure most of us would never gotten to this point. I'm truly honored to working alongside the finest podcasters out there. Thanks for all your hard work and effort, Brent! Thanks for having that faith. And here's to another great year!

'Holy Smokes...' by RadarX
Submitted on 2008-06-03 09:10:08 CST
Wow a year really flies by when you are having....stuff... to do.

Speaking as a non-member of the collective but a huge fan of a number of their podcasts, there are many like me who can't thank all of you enough for your hard work. Community and news work has evolved over the last few years and podcasts have provided an amazing outlet that we sorely needed. However seeing all of them in one place like this is a testament of just how far VirginWorlds has come. A well deserved congratz Brent.

'Dear Brent' by darrenl
Submitted on 2008-06-03 09:26:41 CST
...please remove this implant as promised in the contract.

Your Drone,

'Brent' by Cameron
Submitted on 2008-06-03 14:45:02 CST
Congratulations, man (and congrats to all of you other podcasting folks who make up the collective)! It's great to see you guys continuing to bring discussion and insight to the table on a regular basis. Keep up the fantastic work. :)

' spam' by redavni
Submitted on 2008-06-18 05:52:37 CST
I have no idea where else to write this, so i'll do it here. Virginworlds is getting very close to being removed from my bookmarks, and has already been demoted from the status of daily visit. I am tired of the spam. If I wanted to read massively I would visit it.

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