Site Revamp
Feb 05, 2010 04:25:29

Yes, I seem to have picked up the web design reins and am adding some new visible and invisible additions that are long over due. In the coming days, you should see more and more small tweaks depending on how closely you're paying attention.

I'm still toying with theme and layout and front-page content and have considered putting actual content on the main page rather than the slew of links, but I hesitate as that changes the objective of a single pane of glass into the current news and would make things look more like every other blog site out there. I'm torn.

Right now the podcast pages themselves are in dire need of an overhaul and I'll tackle that next, along with membership updates. Thanks to those few that have hung in there during the lack of attention. Talk to you soon.. next time, perhaps about games.


Submitted by Brent on Feb 05, 2010 04:25:29 CST (comments: 10)

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